Business Analysis training

We partner with B2T Training to deliver accreditations from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

Agile Scrum training

We are an Authorised Training Partner (ATP) with SCRUMstudy for to deliver Agile Scrum training.

Classroom workshops

Project management training, business analysis training and agile scrum training are well-suited for classroom workshops.  Course participants help each other in solving complex problems and sharing ideas. We assure the quality of our classroom course material with peer reviews and participant feedback. 

We offer three types of classroom courses: In-house; Corporate Open; and Public. 

  • In-house courses.  Whenever practical, we include relevant examples, policies, procedures and frameworks from individual clients into the courseware.  Learners benefit from knowing how their certification can be practically applied at work.  
  • Corporate Open courses.  Great for filling peak training demands, two or more organisations can attend a Corporate Open Workshop.  Learners benefit from group discussions of how to practically apply ideas at work; and gain insights from other participating organisations.  
  • Public courses.  The best option for individuals seeking to upskill in preparation for a job promotion, job change or career development.  Convenience is designed with appropriate use of eLearning, virtual and classroom discussions.

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