Project Management Offices

Improving project success rates is the reason to establish a Project Management Office (PMO).  Recognising this, PMWorks has pioneered a process for designing, implementing and refining the practices and structure of PMOs whichever level of the organisation they occupy, be it Enterprise, Divisional, Departmental or for a specific project.

PMO Diagnostic

PMWorks has developed a PMO Diagnostic process that can be used to assess the effectiveness and maturity of the services offered by a PMO.  The principal outputs from this diagnostic include a Gap Analysis of each defined PMO service that assesses the current level of effectiveness and maturity against an established desired state.

We will also produce a roadmap that will define the activities required in order to close the gaps from the assessment, detailing the approach to achieve the desired state.

As always, we are available, with sleeves rolled up, to consequently help you through this journey to deliver a world class PMO.

Outsourced PMOs

Outsourced PMOs enable our clients to transfer the risk of operating a PMO to PMWorks.  Our consultants work with you to determine the framework for the PMO, taking into account the level of Project Management capability and maturity that is incumbent.

An Outsourced PMO can be very cost effective and often provides an ‘instant’ benefit to an organisation.

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