About MeetingQuality

  • MeetingQuality is a cloud based tool that quantifiably measures the effectiveness of meetings
  • MeetingQuality uses 3 indicators to measure, predict and remediate project problems that can arise from individual team interactions
  • MeetingQuality captures narrative feedback from meeting attendees and parses this narrative into the IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence Tool
  • The data provided from this narrative feedback can allow Meeting Quality to report on emotional tones that may occur at  at meetings.


Benefits of MeetingQuality

  • Benefits of using MeetingQuality include:
    • Improved meeting effectiveness.
    • Addressing problems that projects may not identify using standard metrics.
    • Provides feedback to attendees while their identity is withheld.
    • Predicts and improves project success, enabling business benefits.
    • Delivers feedback in a timely manner that enables attendees to take action in good time.
    • Meeting Quality has project metrics such as:
    • Meeting Quality Score, Project Success Probability Indicator and Meeting Promoter Score. 

How MeetingQuality Works

  • After a meeting occurs, each meeting attendee is emailed rating material where they can assess contributions made at that meeting.
  • MeetingQuality uses a MeetingQuality Score that measures the perceived quality of relationships between meeting attendees. The scores are presented as a percentage.
  • A Project Success Probability Indicator can provide assessment on the probability of a project being success based on the last meeting the attendee has attended. A Project Success Probability indicator is reported as a percentage.
  • A Meeting Promoter Score allows attendees to rate other attendees contributions made at a meeting anonymously. The Meeting Promoter Score is measured as a percentage.
  • Please access meetingquality.com for further information

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