Measuring the Effectiveness of Remote Working

Covid-19 has caused major disruptions to the work place that has impacted on the availability of team members.

The new normal is for people to work remotely from home. The good news is that technology has enabled remote working to become practical. The question remains as to whether organisations are able to utilise this practicality to remain effective and productive?

Being able to work remotely requires more than just the provision of technology. It is also ensuring that changes to working conditions, expectations, working style and interactions do not unnecessarily reduce the effectiveness of meetings and the organisation as a whole. For a staff member, it may also require a shift in mindset.

To address this, Meeting Quality has been further developed to enable a business to determine the effectiveness of remote meetings. Our new Remote Workforce software uses an AI engine that can measure:

  • The effect of meeting technology on remote staff
  • The quality of dispersed or remote meetings
  • The preferred working styles of staff and customers who are working remotely; and
  • The emotions of the remote meeting participants

The new Remote Workforce product provides valuable insights on team experiences and attitudes on the move to a work from home way of operating. The insights we enable will provide numerical data on the emotions and engagement of staff who are presently working remotely.

Using this data, it may be possible to refine an individual’s remote working experience to allow them to be more effective, at this difficult time and beyond.

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